am #1, 160 minutes (click for hi-res)

am #2, 100 minutes (click for hi-res)

am #3, 180 minutes (click for hi-res)

bb, 60 minutes (click for hi-res)

cs, 60 minutes (click for hi-res)

mjc, 80 minutes (click for hi-res)

pb, 30 minutes (click for hi-res)


task-oriented performance, ballpoint ink on paper

2017 - on going


Under the premise of drawing a circle and not closing it, so that the multiple copy of this may follow, people are invited to draw until they indefinitely decide to stop.


 Premises for the production of each drawing:

-Use an A2 size white paper and a black BIC pen;

-Start in the center of the paper by drawing a circle without closing it, so that afterwards, it can be replicated several times;

-Draw the next circle as near and as similar as possible as the previous one;

-After you begin drawing, only stop when you get to a satisfaction or exhaustion point;

-It is possible to make pauses, but only for a brief moments, as to change your position or to rest your hand;

-Never take the point of the pen out of the paper, except for when you are making a pause;

-Write down the time it took you to make the drawing in the right bottom corner, in the back of the paper.


(contact if you would be interested in participating)