instagram face mask

slideshow on ipad, 6’23’’, loop, no sound

2019 - in progress


Instagram Face Mask is at the moment a photography project that documents the first experiences done with a face filter recently created. In an attempt to accompany the technological evolution of the image and on the follow of the digital expression in the realm of social networks, the work aims to put into question the way we currently see, use and share the face. By rounding the facial features of the portrayed as to substitute them for a visual expression analogous to that of a CGI animation, Instagram Face Mask, on working in favour of an aesthetics of the post-human, functions simultaneously as a mask and as a filter.



Ana Silva, André Martins, Bárbara Bulhão, Beatriz Bentes, Carlos Miguel Lopes, Carolina Carvalho, Carolina Quintela, Cláudia Sofia, Eugénia Burnay, Frederico Brízida, Gabriel Siams, Guilherme Martins, Inês Brites, Luís Rocha, Luzia Cruz, Magdalena Wilk, Maria Figueira, Maria João Costa, Marta Crespo, Martin Mesaroš, Massus Parlu, Mey Semtati, Miguel Sousa, Niels Munk Plum, Paulo Duarte, Pedro Bôto, Quentin Bohanna, Sara Mealha, Sophie-Anne Jean-Joseph, Thomas Strobel, Tiago Costa